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Size: Standard 1" Collars
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Dumbbell Barbell Clips Olympic 1" 2"Weight Clamp Bar Lock Spinlock Collar UK

Barbell Clamps are made for all 2" (50mm) Olympic-size Bars and 1" (30mm) Standard size Bars. These Clamps are a simple and fast means of moving plates around. They also help keep plates in place securely and safely when lifting. Made of sturdy and durable material to last for years of use. One of the most significant problems with barbell work can be making adjustments in the barbell's weight.
The process of adjusting spring collars can be time-consuming and cause an inability to focus, which could slow your progress. Today, thanks to FK Sports, who understand the importance of efficient work with their Quick-Lock Clamp Collars help to make loading weights simple, quick, and effortless.
The locks work with all barbells that have 50mm and 30mm diameters. This barbell lock has been designed to be extremely solid, and therefore ideal for extremely large weights. Because of the clamp's practical closing, the handling becomes effortless.
This is great for, say, exercises in which the weights are often changed. Because of the Rubber coating dumbbells will not slide. The high-quality workmanship ensures an extremely long life span at home, and also under the most intense load within the gymnasium.

Why Choose FK Sports Spinlock Collars?

- The unique collar design ensures solid plate fixing to the bar.
- Simple to use, just one hand to install and then release. snap-latch style to protect you.
- It is ideal for weightlifting, fitness as well as any exercise that requires bars, which is a popular choice in gyms.
- Don't be concerned about the irritating spring collar. With new collars designed by us, your courses in training will be more thorough.
- Fast delivery and Hassel Free return. - 24/7 Customer Service - We're here when you need us.


Type : Barbell Collars
Material : Plastic
Color : Black
Activity : Gym, Exercise & Fitness

Package Includes:

2 x Clamps of selected size

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