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Length: 4ft
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Olympic Barbell Bar Spring Collars Fitness HomeGym 2" Training Lifting with 2 Collars

We offer bars for Olympic and Power Lifting. No matter what your needs are for weightlifting, we have a bar that will suit your needs. These Olympic barbell bars are crafted with high-quality materials and finished in durable coatings to provide a long-lasting barbell that offers exceptional performance. Made to accommodate weight plates with a 2-inch centre hole, also known as Olympic Weights.


  • Our Olympic barbell bar allows for a wide variety of workouts such as bench presses, bicep curling, piggybacking, or lunge.
  • High-grade metal structure Powder-coated or hard chrome silver surface.
  • Medium-depth knurled parts provide a firmer grip. These knurls not only increase friction but also have anti-slip properties.
  • Excellent balance and durability with one sturdy spring collar on each end. 

All-Purpose Barbell

This barbell is an incredible tool for a multitude, of constantly varied workouts. From Olympic lifting to powerlifting, to accessory work, and everything in between, this barbell can meet every challenge you throw at it. With an awesome weight capacity, great whip, and standard weight plate compatibility.

Knurled Design

The knurled design has a moderate whip, Increases friction, and improves the feeling of holding. It can also effectively reduce the tension of the wrist and forearm, increase the safety of sports and ensure comfort.

Needle bearing

The barbell rod has 2 needle roller bearings at each end to ensure smooth rotation. High-quality set, tightly fixed, not easy to loosen during training.

4ft Barbell Bar Dimensions:

  • Total Rod Length = 122cm
  • Center Rod Length = 81cm
  • Center Rod Circumference = 9cm
  • Side grips length = 18cm
  • Bar weight = 7kg
  • Maximum Load = 120-250kg

5ft Barbell Bar Dimensions:

  • Total Rod Length = 153cm
  • Center Rod Length = 96cm
  • Center Rod Circumference = 10cm
  • Side grips length = 25cm
  • Maximum Load = 120-250kg

6ft Barbell Bar Dimensions:

  • Total Rod Length = 184cm
  • Center Rod Length = 120cm
  • Center Rod Circumference = 10cm
  • Side grips length = 28cm
  • Bar weight = 12kg
  • Maximum Load = 120-250kg

7ft Barbell Bar Dimensions:

  • Total Rod Length = 213cm
  • Center Rod Length = 133cm
  • Center Rod Circumference = 12cm
  • Side grips length = 39cm
  • Bar weight = 16kg
  • Maximum Load = 120-250kg

 Included: 1 Olympic Bar, 2Spring Clips.

* Improve strength, endurance, posture, balance, sleep & energy levels

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