Olympic 2" Cast Iron Weight Plate Tri Grip Weights

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Weght: 2.5Kg x 2
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2-inch Olympic Tri Grip Cast Iron Weight Plates Set Pair
These iron castings are extremely durable and almost indestructible. They have a painted finish that protects them from corrosion. The basic design adds an old-fashioned, raw look to your gym at home.
Professionally designed to provide durability and high performance. Made of solid cast iron, these plates of free weights are able to endure a lot of repetitive use and allow you to exercise more intensely for longer.
Three handles are integrated into the plates' edges. This allows users to do various other exercises, such as curly, lateral plates, raises, as well as Russian twists without the use of a dumbbell or barbell. This will improve stability and control, as also overall physical strength.
Each plate is designed to fit on any standard 2-inch Olympic bar.

Why Chose FK Sports Cast Iron Weight plates?

These weight plates are manufactured from cast iron with heavy-duty construction, they're virtually indestructible.
Each handle is made with ergonomically improved finger grips which allow users to gain control and stability while lifting.
The center hole with a diameter of 2 inches is ideal for all Olympic barbells.
The Tri-Grip system ensures that the weight plates can be utilized for a variety of exercises.
The finish is adorned with a thick layer of enamel to reduce the risk of scratching or rust.
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Used For: 

Plates Workout
Full Body Training
Upper Body Exercise
Strength Training


Type: Cast Iron Olympic Weight Plate
Size:- 2.5Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 15Kg, 20Kg and 25Kg
Material Type:- ‎Cast Iron
Color:- Silver
Usage:- Exercise & Fitness
Opening Diameter:- 2” (50mm)

Package Includes:

2 x Weight plates of your chosen weight

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