Hand Grip Strengthener set of 6Pcs

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Handgrip equipment can promote the growth and development of skeletal muscles, exercise the body's balance function, enhance physical fitness, and improve attention, willpower, and self-confidence, which is conducive to mental health and the development of human potential. Regular Use of the gripper exercise can regulate the balance of the nervous and endocrine systems, and eliminate stress.

Why choose the FK Sports hand exerciser grip strengthener?

Safe, non-toxic, and durable Comfortable and durable handle and high-quality stainless-steel spring can help the handgrip exercises be adjustable from 5 to 60 kg.

Use anytime, anywhere: Easily fits into your gym bag or handbag, you can use it at home, office, gymnasium, or classroom. Whether for exercise or release stress, GRM exercise equipment will fit all your needs.

What will you get?

  • Hand grip strengthener to help you exercise from amateur to master step by step.
  • 18 kg handgrip resistance ring to strengthen the users’ grip strengthener.
  • Finger exerciser to enhance finger's strength and dexterity.
  • Stress relief snapper to release bad mood, and daily stress.
  • Finger grip stretcher to strengthen muscle groups.
  • Free carry bag
  • Perfect for Everyone

Five different hand strengthener workout kits add more diversity to your forearm exerciser. Whether you are athletes, pianists, musicians, or bodybuilders, this grip trainer is what you need.

Hand and Finger Strength

Advanced exercises equipment set which targets different hand muscle groups, improves finger and hand strength and dexterity for better performance.

Targets Individual Fingers

Finger exerciser which isolates each finger to strengthen individually, which prevents stronger fingers from helping weaker ones.

Use anytime, anywhere :

The grip strengthener Kit is small and stylish. You can use it anytime and anywhere (car, bus, office, school, or TV anywhere where you want to exercise). A perfect place independent gift for family and friends.

Package Includes:

  • 1×Forearm Finger Exerciser
  • 1×Adjustable Hand Gripper
  • 1×Finger Stretcher
  • 1×Exercise Ring
  • 1× Stress relief snapper.
  • 1 X free carry Bag.

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