Cast Iron Weight Plates Set 2" Olympic Barbell Weights Set

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Weight: 2.5Kg x 2
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2'' Cast Iron Olympic Barbell Bumper Weight Plates set

Built with a solid cast iron metal core, the Olympic weight plates have been expertly designed for high-level performance to withstand highly repetitive usage for even the most hardened of weightlifting enthusiasts. These weight plates are designed to be durable and provide lasting performance. These Olympic weights are crafted from cast iron Add weight to your sit-ups, low back extensions, overhead triceps work, you name it. Our plates look great too, the embossed logo and weight markings feature stylish red inlay. The Olympic Cast iron Plates have a cast iron metal core. Our plates are designed for easy pick-up and use with Olympic and EZ barbells.
We put time and care into our gym gear to ensure high quality and safety. Our products have been designed and tested for durability, comfort, and home/gym use.

Selling a wide variety of gym equipment, we know what is needed to take your training to the next level. Our range will give you everything you need to maximize gains and get fit. 

 INCREASED SCOPE FOR VERSATILITY AND VARIATION - Unlike standard cast iron weights discs, our weight plates enable users to perform a range of compound and isolated movements, improving stability and control as well as overall strength and fitness.

STRENGTH GAINS - The weight plates feature a 2" / 50mm diameter borehole designed for use with Olympic style barbells and dumbells and EZ curl bars. Unlike standard 1 inch barbells, Olympic bars are built to handle increased weight loading, enabling continuous strength gains.

ENHANCED TO MAXIMISE COMFORT AND CONTROL - Designed, to enable users to gain control and stability when adding the plates to the training bar and lifting.


Condition: New
Colour: Black
Material: Iron
Sizes: 2.5kg, 5kg,10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg
Suitable For: Home Use or Gym Use
Fits On: 2" Olympic Bar

Package Includes:

2 x weight plates of your chosen weight.

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