Barbell Spring Clamp Collars

Size: 2" Olympic Collars
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1" and 2" Olympic Barbell/Dumbbell Weight Bar Spring Collars/Clamps Clips

These are the same collars that athletes have relied on for their strength and Olympic lifting techniques for years. Made from tough 3mm steel, the chrome-plated clamps are simple to set on the barbell and simple to remove. Prongs made of plastic are big enough to provide a greater surface area to squeeze clamps to make it easier for them to move across the bar. Available in 50mm, and 30mm sizes and Sold in pairs, these spring barbells are easy and simple to use. Simply grasp the end of the collar, then slide the collar over the barbell's edge to fix your weight plates. allow it to be secured and you're now in a position to raise. This provides a strong and secure grip on the weight plates loaded during the weight training.

Why Choose FK Sports Spring Collars?

- Made of durable and sturdy steel, it is ideal for long-term use.
- It's an excellent complement to your at-home training plan.
- Right-angle design to avoid handle dragging on gym flooring.
- Very durable and economical.
- Anti-corrosion spring steel.
- Practical, quick plate changing.
- Fast delivery and Hassel Free return.

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Type : Barbell Collars

Material : Steel, Plastic

Color : Silver

Activity : Gym, Exercise & Fitness

Package Includes:

2 x Collars of selected size

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