Ankle Weights

Weight: 1kg x 2
Sale price£8.49 GBP


What A Great Fitness Product
The ankle weights can increase your endurance, strength, bounce.
The ankle weights can burn calories to stronger and easy-to-use weights for ankles or wrists.
The ankle weights are scientifically proven to hasten muscle recovery and rehabilitation.
Wide use for walking, jogging, core training, aerobics, gymnastics.
Add resistance and increase the effectiveness of a variety of exercises like walking, running, toning, hiking, or doing mat workouts, which helps improve muscle tone, balance, coordination, endurance, and more.
Main Users
1. Universal Fitness people: Beginners & experienced fitness people.
2. Universal Dimension: Fits all women, men, and kids.
Each ankle weight comes with 5 removable pockets which weigh 0.43kg and weighs from 0.45kg to 2.26kg.
Comes in a pair, total weights can be adjusted from 0.96kg to 4.43kg.
With 36.98cm Velcro straps, FK Sports ankle weights set fits all ankle and wrist size and hold well in place.
Size: 36.98cmx 14cm
Weight: 0.45kg-2.26kg (Each Set) / 0.90kg -4.43kg (2 Pack)
Package weight: 4.43kg
Package dimensions: 38.1 x 14.12 x 5.71cm
Package Content:
2 x Adjustable Wrist / Ankle Weight Strap
Package List1 Pair Adjustable

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