8 Kg Vinyl Kettlebell

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This set of FK Sports vinyl kettlebell weights consists of 8Kg kettlebells designed to build strength in your muscles and joints. These stylish gym accessories are a quality choice with a strong molded design and a vinyl exterior coating to protect them. For your ease of use and comfort, each kettlebell has an anti-slip base and a comfortable handle with an ergonomic design so you can grip them easily, and safely and can do a full body kettlebell workout at home. The weights are color-coded to help you choose the desired kettlebell weights for each exercise.


Vinyl coating with an anti-slip base to provide extra safety, protect the floor from damage, and reduce noise in case they were dropped.


The ergonomic handle allows the user to take a firm grip on the item so you can feel confident in your workout. The FK Sports 8Kg Kettlebell Set comes in a variety of weights ideal for beginners or intermediate users.


Colour: black, white number
Material: cement, HDPE

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