Eva Interlocking Foam Mat

What is EVA Foam?

EVA foam is used to create a variety of flooring options, as well as costumes, sports equipment, crafts, and sets. It is a soft and durable combination of vinyl acetate and ethylene.

EVA foam is simple to use and comes in many thicknesses and colours. EVA foam flooring can be used in a variety of places, including gyms, weight rooms and trade shows.

EVA foam floors combine durability, comfort, usability, and customization to provide a unique combination. EVA foam floors are an attractive option for surfaces that require cushioning, transport, safety, and easy cleaning.

What are the benefits of EVA Interlocking Foam Mats?

Today, mats have many uses. Mats are great for indoor and outdoor sports. These mats protect your floors from being damaged. You can shop online for interlocking mats, and have them delivered to your home. These are just a few of the many benefits that interlocking mats offer, which make them a valuable commodity.


High-quality rubber is used to make the interlocking mats. EVA foam is versatile and low-moisture absorbing, with other additives providing many additional benefits. The mats are anti-skid and temperature resistant. These mats can be used for both living and playing.


EVA Thick mats are strong enough for all types of injuries to be prevented. These mats are very popular in gyms and sports clubs where many sports are practiced. Your children will also be protected by the mat. Children are more likely to fall and sustain injuries from rough floors (e.g. tiles or stones). The surface is more comfortable with interlocking mat flooring.


Interlocking mats are able to protect many types of floors including ceramic, marble, tile and ceramic. The floors can be damaged by frequent use, high traffic and the presence of man-made adverse agents. It is very expensive to have them repaired or replaced. Interlocking mats can cover any area because of their flexibility and interlocking structure.

Interlocking Mats make it very easy to find a mat for any activity in your home, office, or sports life.


These EVA mats are interconnected and won't rise against each other because of their interlocking design. As long as they are installed correctly and skillfully, these EVA mats will remain flat against the ground. They provide a solid surface for walking and exercising on, and there is no risk of slipping or tripping.


You will be amazed at the quality and thickness of high-grade EVA mats like those we sell. They won't move after they are installed due to their interlocking design. Even with just two or three mats, they won't move unless you lift one and unlock the other. Once you have completed the flooring, it will be indestructible and can be used as a playroom or gym floor.


The interlocking puzzle mat system can be installed in a matter of minutes. When it is time to clean, you can vacuum or damp mop with your regular household cleaners. If a part of the system is damaged, you can simply flip it over or take it out and easily replace it.

What are EVA foam mats used for?


This tile is a great puzzle exercise mat flooring system. It has a pebbled surface and is ideal for gym floors. This flooring is one of the most durable and high-density EVA foams, and it is ideal for home gyms and weight rooms. It can withstand the heavy use of exercise equipment. It is waterproof and free from lead and latex.


The home sport and exercise mat is a top-rated EVA foam mat product. These mats are waterproof, stain-resistant, and have anti-fatigue properties. Eva mats help you to work out harder and longer. The foam mats are shock-absorbing and have a firmness that makes them easy to move around for circuit training stations. They can be reversible, have a scuff-resistant finish on both sides, and make it easy to mark exercise stations with different colors. If you are doing gymnastics training then air track mats is a better option to be used.


FK Sports Eva interlocking foam rugs are a great way to transform any space and provide safety for children.

These EVA foam mats make a great choice for areas that need thermal insulation, noise suppression, or waterproofing. These mats are stain-resistant which is a great advantage for children who eat or drink in the play area. You can pick from one, two or more colors to make your own design. The EVA foam mat thickness is high-quality and prevents children from getting hurt by falling. It also provides shock absorption. These mats have a thatched texture on their surface, which makes them resistant to scuffing and will withstand constant use. These mats have border strips to give them finished edges.


While traditional carpet may feel great when your feet touch the floor, interlocking carpet tiles are a better option. Foam-backed carpet tiles squares are the answer! They can be easily removed and reinstalled quickly.

They are waterproof and odor proof, as well as offering an anti-fatigue value and insulation value compared to traditional carpets. They are easy to vacuum and can be dried quickly if they get wet.

This topic is covered in detail on our EVA Interlocking Foam Mats product pages.

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