Latex vs Fabric Resistance Band

Which resistance band is better for exercise?

It all depends on the individual choosing band according to their needs. Both resistance bands are excellent pieces of exercise equipment for when you're looking to switch the pace of your workouts to a bit more effective. They both provide a steady degree of resistance to make your muscles are working harder and you can feel the heat!

Both of these bands have pros and cons, and your choice should be based on what's most comfortable for you, and what you'll use the bands for! We're biased as the FK Sports resistance bands are also made of fabric. We chose this fabric because it's strong and non-slip. It also provides an intense resistance that is perfect for upper and lower exercise. There are also latex resistance bands available, which can be better suited to your requirements.

Why Resistance Bands Made of Latex Are More Effective

The latex bands typically come in packs consisting of 3 or 5 and vary in sizes from light to super-heavy. They are the most commonly used for exercises for the lower part of the body and longer bands for upper-body workouts.

The benefits of latex bands are that they're extremely versatile, cost-effective and easily cleaned.

Although they're fantastic they are, there are a few cons to purchasing the latex bands for resistance. The latex material is uncomfortable and, at times, may stick to the skin. They can get rolled up, which could cause certain challenges. They also break easily. The material is not durable. If you are using them often to stretch and stretch, you could break them over time.

What's the reason why Fabric Resistance Bands are More Effective

Fabric resistance bands can be thought of as an alternative to latex bands, which cover the many flaws in the latter.

Fabric resistance bands are typically sold as a separate item and can range in difficulty, from easy to difficult. They've been mostly employed for lower body workouts i.e. lunges, squats, hip thrusts as well as glute kickbacks.

Bands of resistance made from fabric are believed to be more comfortable and robust, making them ideal for those who would like to test themselves.

Despite the advantages of using fabric, the drawbacks to this type of resistance band are mainly related to their difficulty to clean as well as the difficulties in incorporating them into exercises for the upper body. Fabric bands are ideal for lower body workouts.

Pros of Rubber Bands

Since they are composed of rubber the latex bands typically extend more than fabric resistance bands which in turn, gives a greater variety of movement.

Most often, they come in a bundle that is ideal for various resistance choices!

Cons of Rubber Bands

Because the rubber could cling to your skin (and cause pain) it is important to ensure you're wearing leggings. It is possible that they will be able to roll up if the rubber band does not hold the activewear.

It is much more likely for rubber to "wear and tear" over time and will not be as strong as fabric bands. The resistance will reduce or snap in time - if this is something you've experienced Oh, we know what you're going through!

If you're allergic to latex, you may not be able to take the products in the event of a reaction.

Fabric bands have pros and cons, based on the goal you're trying to achieve.

Pros of fabric bands

Fabric resistance bands are more durable than latex bands, offering a significant amount of resistance during leg exercises.

Because of their premium quality and endurance, they provide better support and grip. Therefore, you'll find that they won't slip or slide as rubber bands for resistance do.

Clean - throw them in the washer following each use.

Durable - lasts much more time than resistance bands made of rubber, and can therefore be a greener purchase

Excellent for exercises that require extra stability such as hip thrusts crab walks, and squats.

Cons of Fabric Bands

Do not offer the same elasticity as fabrics and they aren't as popular for upper body exercises unless you buy a bundle that comes with various resistance levels to offer you a variety of choices for a full-body exercise.


Both Fabric as well as Latex bands are strong and have a variety of resistance levels they are great to boost the intensity of any number of exercises. They're very lightweight, so you'll be able to get rid of all of your excuses to get that exercise in! When you're on it, the ideal choice is the one that's most comfortable for you, and that allows you to keep moving forward and get stronger. And ultimately, the one you'll choose!

FK Sports always values their customer and provide them required knowledge for doing safe workout through blogs and workout guide books and many more. For more content, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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