Yoga Ball

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Size: 20cm
Color: Blue
Pump: With Pump
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Do you love working out and rather than endless sit-ups, would like a super convenient way of performing back, stomach, and core strengthening exercises?
Would you like a super durable exercise ball with an ultra-safe, high grip surface?
If so, our Exercise Balls are a perfect choice! With an extra-large diameter, our Exercise Balls are perfect for home workouts with a tough, rubberized surface allowing you to perform a range of balance and stability exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, perfect for use with yoga, and pilates, or for general strength and balance training!
Ideal for home gyms, our Exercise Balls are manufactured from ultra-tough, burst-resistant rubber, perfect for tough or weighted exercises, with a non-slip surface for safe, everyday use. Perfect for both men & women, our Exercise Balls are available in 25cm diameters and Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Gray, Green, or Orange, for easy coordination with other workout equipment!

Our Exercise Balls are premium quality, with a number of key benefits:

- Perfect for strengthening the abdominals, core, and lower back muscles.
- Manufactured from burst-resistant, durable PVC, perfect for tough workouts.
- High grip, non-slip surface for safe use when performing weighted exercises.
- Perfect for use with yoga, pilates, or for general strengthening & balance.
- Kit Includes: Workout guide, extra plugs, and pump
Multiple Colors:
Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Gray, Green, Orange

Available Sizes:

If you're tired of endless sit-ups and would like a professional quality, ultra-durable, burst-resistant exercise ball, perfect for tough workouts and everyday use, our Exercise Balls are the ideal choice for beginner and advanced use!

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