Waist Twist Disc Torsion Board With Rope

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Color: Pink
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Twist Waist Torsion Disc Board Aerobic Exercise Fitness Reflexology Magnets Foot Massage

You will be happy about your slimmer, curvier waist with our Waist Twist Disc Torsion Board With Rope. Look in the mirror and enjoy your more toned beautiful abs. You will simply be comfortable using it because our board is bigger than other twist boards. Has a durable non-slip surface that will not crack. The new improved version with band drawstring waist pulley for vertical three-dimensional and more comprehensive fitness exercise resulting in thin legs, thin waist, thin arms, and foot massage. It is the best choice for bodybuilding and fitness. Home toning exercise equipment gives women the body they want so they become fit and happy.

Four main effects:

Thin Waist
- Move up and down to move the waist from side to side for a perfect waistline.

Thin Thighs
- Work together at different speeds to create the effect of thin legs and beautiful legs.

Hip Lift
- Remove excess fat in your buttocks and make your buttocks perfect.

Thin arms
- Pull the rope with your arm and straighten it up and down to shake off excess fat in your arm and make your arm slimmer.


1. Two feet on the twisted waist plate, rhythmically twist the body.
2. Twist the project with some brisk rhythm along with some music, which can effectively relieve physical and mental stress.
3. Twisted with the user's body weight, by stepping on the magnetic massage pad.
4. Sitting in the office work, or watching TV at home, reading can use your arms can cross the head. Twist every day for 5-10 minutes.
5. Try a variety of natural relaxation twist-action, which may take long practice, but once you master this practice method, you will really experience the massage fitness to bring you the fun of twisting.


Material: ABS pressure-resistant plastic, steel ball, magnet

Colour: Pink, Purple, Green

Weight: Approx. 620g 

Load-bearing: about 90kg

Package List:

1 x Twisting Waist Disc of your chosen colour.

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