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Sweat Sauna Shaper Slimming Sports Fat Burner Vest Tank Top for Weight Loss UK

FK Sports Sweat Shaper Sauna Vest is comprised of a layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material. It helps to boost workout effects and enhance sweating results even in everyday activities. Make you sweat inside but stay dry on the outside. This women's sweat vest helps in burning tummy fat, reducing your abdomen and waist.

  • How does this vest works and make you sweat like crazy, burn more fat, and produce heat and weight loss?
  • There are four main steps:
  1. Firstly by raising core body temperature, so your body has to work far harder to cool down and maintain a healthy temp. (this is called to thermo regulate).In this process, the body burns off at least 50% more fat.
  2. Secondly, they cause the body to produce heavy profuse sweat. To create sweat your body uses up massive amounts of fat and energy and burns 0.7 calories for every gram you produce. This actually burns off at least twice the number of calories and fat, accelerating quick weight loss to a tremendous level.
  3. Thirdly they put you straight into the fat-burning zone which usually takes over 30mins. So your actually burning fat for your full workout instead of just the average 20mins of a 1hr session. This makes fat burning 3 times more efficient.
  4. Fourthly when wearing the vest your metabolic rate is increased by roughly 30% giving you an extra 30% more fat burn whilst working out.

Altogether they burn off at least twice the amount of fat and make you lose weight twice as fast


Fabric: Polyurethane

Package Includes:

1 X Sauna Tank Top of your choice.

Warm Tip:

It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising.

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