Hand grip Strengthener Counter

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5-60KG Sport Hand grip Strengthener With counter Adjustable Forearm Trainer Finger exerciser

Hand grippers are a great multi-purpose grip training tool. It is convenient to
use while when you are on the go, at your desk or in your vehicle when stuck in
traffic, or in your home, or perhaps for warming up at the gym. Hand grippers
can help you improve the strength of your crush grip as well as strengthen grip
strength and help build the forearm muscle.

FK Sports Hand grip strengthener is equipped with counter device with a minimum
resistance of 5kg, completely designed for teenagers to utilize. What's the
function of the device that counts the handle? The counter device that is
located on the handlebar tracks each exercise you do and then by comparing the
results between each workout and the next, you will be able to determine the
strength or weakness of the performance of your exercise. Can it aid in putting
weight on your wrists during yoga postures? This device can assist you in
strengthening your wrists however, it affects everyone differently. We believe
that when the wrists of yours are healthy, then you'll be able perform yoga
exercises whenever you need.

The package includes:

Hand Grip Strengthener

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