Core Sliders

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Core Sliders Sliding Discs Pair Abs Abdominal Fitness Gym Glider Bum Leg Exercise
FK Sport's Core Sliders are your fully versatile and portable piece of accessory to get a full body workout anywhere, anytime. These workout sliding discs are double-sided to use on both carpet floors and hard floors (wood/ceramic/tiles). This pack of 2 sliding discs is a great overall muscle-building and conditioning accessory for the lower body, upper body and core workouts. Whether you're a regular trainee, an advanced lifter, or a beginner, using our gliding discs will bring variation to your regular workout routine and allow you to perform exercises that are otherwise impossible to perform.


  • 1. This gliding disc allows you to perform skills that target every muscle group.
  • 2. Small size and lightweight, so you can easily take it anywhere.
  • 3. You can use the gliding discs on any surface such as wood, carpet, rug or tile.
  • 4. Gliding discs require constant core stabilization which delivers an incredible core workout.
  • 5. You can use these exercise gliding discs for sliders gym, core reinforcement, athletic conditioning, cross fit, physical therapy, yoga, dance, balance training and so on.

Specification :

Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: ABS
Color: Red, Light green, Pink, Black, Blue

Package list: 

2 x Sliding Gliding Discs

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