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Abs Stimulator Abdominal Ems Muscle Fitness Trainer Toning Exerciser Belt

The EMS trainer (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) is made of high-quality materials. Absolutely safe and effective. A muscle stimulator can help you build the body of your dreams without even exhausting yourself with training. Just attach it to your body - the exercise machine will work without your help.

Simple design. Easy to operate. A compact and portable muscle stimulator (muscle trainer) can be easily taken with you anywhere. EMS Abs Stimulator is equipped with 6 work modes and 10 levels of intensity for your training demand. By doing training with the EMS Abs Stimulator every day, you will achieve the desired result.

How EMS Works:

Strength adjustment: make the muscles exercise at the right strength.
Strengthen the strength: fully exercise muscles with the automatic adjustment of the mode.
Adjust the appropriate intensity: relax tight muscles to complete a muscle exercise.

The advantages and benefits of our EMS Muscle Stimulator:

Exercising muscles in all directions without going to the gym.

- The veneer is large, the coverage is wider, and the area of the separated six-pack abdominal muscle patch increases suddenly, bringing more balanced and comprehensive muscle movement.
- Fully automatic mode energy-converging frequency conversion, scientific and comprehensive abdominal muscle training.
- The training intensity can be increased anytime and anywhere. It runs automatically from warm-up to relaxation. The innovative CMM pulse makes FITPAD carry a comfortable exercise program.

Material: High-quality PU leather and EMS smart chip

The Set Includes:

  • Chest and Arms
  • 3 Control units
  • 1 Belt with 6 electrodes
  • 2 belts with 2 electrodes
  • Mode: 6 kinds
Intensity: Level 10

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