Collapsible Hula Hoop

Color: Pink+Gray
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Collapsible Weighted Hula Hoop Padded Gym Workout Fitness Abs Exercise

The weighted hula hoop is the perfect exercise accessory for burning calories, promoting fat loss, improving core strength, and toning up areas such as your abdominal area and bottom. It comes boxed as 8 separate interlocking pieces which can easily be assembled and disassembled for storage and transportation. Made of a skin-friendly and comfortable foam padded exterior and a high-quality durable plastic core. Collapsible Hula Hoop. This is a perfect weight if you are a beginner/intermediate and still ensures an effective workout.

Material: PP, NBR foam, very resistant to cracking
Diameter: 95cm,8 sections, suitable for adults, adjustable size, stylish color, each section has 2 convex massage blocks, a total of 8 knots, one turn is equivalent to massaging the waist 16 times, conveys the feeling of burning fat. Burn more calories!
Color: As shown in the picture
Quantity: 1 set
Foldable style: Hula hoop in 8 sections that can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

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